Eon Changelog

Discover the latest updates and changes in our product.

8 Apr 2022


This update adds a brand new integration. You’ll find this component in the Insert Panel under the Utility section, or by searching. Use it to design simple storefronts, or to sell your amazing templates. You can pick between a direct link or a checkout overlay to sell your products. We ensure the required script is always only loaded once per page, so your sites stay fast to load, no matter how many products you’re selling.

15 Mar 2022


You can select any Layer and head over to the Scroll Section property to give it a unique name. Then, we can create new links that point to the same page, and then we’re presented with the Section property, allowing us to pick from all targets that exist on the same page. Finally, we can set Scroll to Smooth. The video below also covers how to work with components and how to mix in Scroll Speed effects to create parallax effects. If you’re interested in playing around with these features.

28 Feb 2022


This quality update brings canvas and layer panel improvements. We’ve updated the Component symbol throughout the app to differentiate it from Grids. Plus, we’ve made Primary Breakpoints and Variants more distinct in the left panel, making it easier to see if you’re editing the primary or an instance. Breakpoints will now also show the ranges in the layer panel. See more updates below.

6 Feb 2022


This release adds support for Bulleted and Numbered Lists in Text Layers and the Dashboard. You can now structure your content in new ways with Lists that integrate seamlessly with your existing Text Styles and CMS content.

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